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Book Reviews
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Dory And The Real True Friend
by Abby Hanlon

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Dory lied about not being nervous about not making any new friends because she only has imaginary friends but in the end she ends up with a new best friend.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
by J. K. Rowling

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By far, this is my favorite Harry Potter book. The books become more exiting to read and the plot becomes more twisted.

The Pigeon Has To Go To School
by Mo Willems

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Best Book ever! I love The Pigeon has to go the school. I love when we ask him a question. I love when he says...The Pigeon has to go to school!

The Bad Beginning
by Lemony Snicket

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This book is about 3 siblings, one named Sunny, who is a baby but, has very, very, very sharp teeth. Another one of the sibling is Klaus who reads lots and lots of books and is very smart because of this. The last sibling is violet the eldest who is an amazing inventor. This book is the start to THE BEST series EVER with 13 books, and all very exiting. The Main villain count Olaf wants their fortune, because their rich parents perished in a terrible fire.

Mr Sunny Is Funny
by Dan Gutman

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It was the best and amazing

by John Patrick Green

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It was great and awesome

How To Find Flower Fairies Pop Up Book
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I love how it shows you real life photos of fairies. It also teaches you how to find them.

Hamster Princess Little Red Rodent Hood
by Ursula Vernon

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In the book, red managed to turn against her grandmother in order to save the weasel wolfs.

Best Nerds Forever
by James Patterson

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It was very funny and exciting!

Coyote Sunrise
by Dan Gemeinhart Books

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It's funny plus it is a little emotional. It has forty eight chapters, and I really recommend you reading it. Enjoy.