Reading Lists

This list focuses on all things magic: witches,wizards, magical creatures, and so forth. It will also include medieval fantasy: many of these books will have magical ...
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Graphic Novels

Graphic novels, comic books, manga: while all technically different they do have one thing in common. They are all visual mediums of literature that cover a wide ran ...
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Historical Fiction

Historical fiction are works set in the past that are based on real places, people, and/or events, but alter them to include fictional elements. This list is only a ...
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These books contain tales of supernatural horror(zombies, ghosts, monsters, etc.) as well as realistic tales of darkpsychological suspense, characters with secrets, ...
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Theses are all stories about solving a mystery ofsome kind; typically murders but also includes stories of kidnappings andmissing persons/objects. This list is ...
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Science Fiction

Science fiction is a very broad category: it contains allthings futuristic, space themed, cyber-punk, steampunk, etc. This list is only a starting point for the ...
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Space Out

Houston, we have a problem! What if space was the only place you knew? Space out with these (inter)stellar YA books, taking place all over the universe.