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Book Reviews
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Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
by Jk Rowling Books

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Harry Potter has serious, entertaining and a some funny moments. And sometimes scary.

If I Were A Dog
by joanna cotler

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I liked the book because it was cute.

my brother the dragon
by galen goodwin longstreth

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I liked it because it was funny and it was about brother and sister fiting.

Maybe Tomorrow Book
by Charlotte agell

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It is very cute. And cuddley.

A Little Bit Different
by Claire Alexander

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The book A Little Bit Different is a great book! It's about a ploofer that is different from the rest of his friends, and they make him feel bad aout his differences. But another ploofer comes over and cheers him up accepting his differences and having fun with them. This book taught Stella and I to accept everyones differences because everyone is a bit different.

Baby Sitters Little Sister
by Ann Martin

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I like it because Karen jumped over 10

Minnie Mouse the perfect book
by Brooke Vitale

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The book was cute and entertaining it was a great graphic novel for younger readers even though it was very good it was a little babyish and would be awesome for beginner readers.

Jasmine’s New Pet
by Nidhi Chanani

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I love the book “Jasmine’s New Pet” by: Nidhi Chanani because the book is all based on friendships and earning trust with a human and a tiger.

Be Prepared
by Vera Brosgol

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I like all the detailed pictures and it had a lot of games you can do it yourself.

soccer score
by cc joven

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I liked it very much