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Book Reviews
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If I Were A Dog
by joanna cotler

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I liked the book because it was cute.

Good Crooks
by Mary Amato

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Is about a family of crooks with and expectation, but will the children follow it?

by Dav Pilkey

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this cracks me up

Bats At The Library
by Brian Lies

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I liked the rhyming words

Baby Sitters Little Sister
by Ann Martin

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I like it because Karen jumped over 10

Bobs Books Set 1
by Sue Hendra Books

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Bobs books is so easy to read and its fun . They have colorful pictures on it and its fun to look at them.

by Kr Alexander Books

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This book is great! The end is not what I expected and super suprising. From the second I started to read this, it was great. I never got bored with it like I do in other books. I would totally reccomend!

Mini Mysteries
by American Girl Books

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These mysteries are hard but fun. You really need to pay attetion. I would definitely reccoment this book to someone that likes mystries.

Minecraft Mob Squad Never Say Nether
by Delilah S Dawson

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This book is about 4 friends who go on a long and hard journey to save there friend. They leave their town behind and go on an adventure through the overland and into the nether to save their friend who has been kidnapped by bad guys. Then they find him and they all go back to their town where they are congratulated by all of the towns people. Along the way they met many different monsters and people. (Mostly monsters) This book is very good and if you like adventures than this is the book for you. The reason why I gave this book five stars is because this book is based of Minecraft and has many Minecraft monsters.

A Big Guy Took My Ball
by Mo Willems

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This was a little bit silly and fun to read.