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Book Reviews
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Be Prepared
by Vera Brosgol

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I like all the detailed pictures and it had a lot of games you can do it yourself.

by Drew Brockington

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the drawings are very has so many characters.My favorite part is when they blasted off to the moon.I also liked when they raced to the moon.I liked when the Catstroanots won the race to the moon

by Wendy Xu

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I love the book "Tidesong" by: Wendy Xu because the book is based on mostly friendship and is partly a fantasy book also. The book shows that you should always think of others and help someone in need which is a good lesson.

Just Roll With It Graphic Novel
by Veronica agarwal

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I like how they explained about the dragon and the bush.

Dogman Mothering Heights
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It is about love, comedy and action

Hamster Princess Little Red Rodent Hood
by Ursula Vernon

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In the story, red came to hamster princess to ask for help protecting her grandmother from a weasel wolf.

A Little Bit Different
by Claire Alexander

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The book A Little Bit Different is a great book! It's about a ploofer that is different from the rest of his friends, and they make him feel bad aout his differences. But another ploofer comes over and cheers him up accepting his differences and having fun with them. This book taught Stella and I to accept everyones differences because everyone is a bit different.

Miss Porter Is Out Of Order
by Dan Gutman

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This book was a very good book and I liked it

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
by J. K. Rowling

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This book was as good as the last, but as the books go on, they become more dark. All though I love a plot like the Harry Potter series, some younger people may find parts of the book “scary” overall, I highly recommend this book.

Lunch Lady 2 For 1 Special
by Lunch Lady 2 For 1 Special

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Lunch lady books were funny!